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Monday, June 16, 2008

Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Linux is currently the most popular Linux distribution. Red Hat originated the RPM package system used on several distributions that automatically installs and removes softwarepackages. Red Hat is also providing much of the software development for the Gnome desktop, and it is a strong supporter of KDE.

Its distribution includes bot Gnome and KDE. Red Hat maintains software alliances with major companies like Oracle, IBM, and Sun.

The Rad Hat distribution of Linux is available online at numerous FTP sites. Red Hat was designed from its inception to work on numerous hardware platform. If you purchase Red Hat Linux from Red Hat, you are entitled to online support services.

Red Hat Maintains an extensives library of Linux documentation that is freely accessible online. On its Web page, you can link to its support page, which lists the complete set of Red Hat manuals, all in Web page format for easy viewing with any Web browser.

All the Red Hat documentation is freely available under the GNU Public License.

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